Hi guys

I have a I7 2.8Ghz (2.5GT) processor. I have 8 Gig DDR3 Ram and Windows 7. I also have an Asus P7P55D Pro motherboard.

Will I be able to do crossfire with two 4890 ATI cards?

I currently have one installed, but am struggling to play ARMA 2 super smoothly (although it is ok). Will it "bottleneck"? I only have one screen.
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  1. Yes that motherboard supports crossfire. You should overclock that CPU, you don't need it, but its begging for it.
  2. How do I do that?

    Is there specific software for that or do I changew setting in the BIOS?
    Do you have a simple step by step guide? I am not an expert but I am also not completely useless when it comes to PC's.

  3. You just put it in one of the PCI-e slots, plug in the crossfire bridge, and then enable crossfire in CCC. Make sure your PSU is adaquate.
  4. I mean the CPU overclocking..........

    So you say I do not have to worry about "bottlenecking" etc.

    Also will it make a big difference in performance? (FPS)
  5. Haha I'm so sorry, didn't know thats what you meant! You can find a lot of tutorials in the overclocking section here on Tom's Hardware. An i7 isn't going to bottleneck a dual card setup.

    Yes it will help, especially if you are unhappy with the performance you have now.
  6. Cool, thanks!! I was worried as some people said I should rather just buy a new better single card. Due to my budget however this is a better option.

    Tell me one last thing. The ATI 4890 card are EOL (end of line).

    1. Whay are they end of line
    2. If one breaks under warranty then how are they going to replace it?

    I ask because if they replace it with a different series then my crossfire goes to hell??

  7. This depends on the brand you get it from, XFX, Sapphire, VisonTek etc. I'm sure they would replace it with another spare card. You'd have to look into different brands replacement policies.

    Upgrading to a single card is a good option, but its usually cheaper to CF. The only thing you would gain from upgrading to a single card is DX11.

    Also you never stated what PSU you have.
  8. What is PSU? Power Supply?

    650 Watt
  9. Garfield2010 said:
    What is PSU? Power Supply?

    650 Watt

    What brand?
  10. Coolermaster...........................
  11. 4890 is eol because AMD has moved on to the 5xxx series with rumors of the 6xxx series already starting. chances are if it breaks they will have refurb units in stock to replace it with.
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