Cloning hdd onto msata ssd

i just got my Lenovo y580 yesterday which comes with a 1tb 5400rpm hdd. I also got a crucial m4 256gb msata ssd. I have successfully installed the ssd into the laptop and it appears in my computer and so on . . .

I want to use the ssd as the main boot drive and for programs and such. I've read about cloning my hdd and a program called easUS which I have downloaded but it says that I cant copy a GPT partition . . . .kinda stuck on this

would it work to just copy + paste everything from the hdd to the ssd?

I also know there is a factory recovery partition on the hdd (is hidden I think) so could I just use that image but change the restore path not to the hdd but to the ssd???

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  1. Seems a bit odd that they GPT partitioned it since it really is not necessary on 2Tb or smaller drives. (If you end up doing a clean install, just MBR partition the drive by deleting all partitions and installing to the unpartitioned space that is the msata).

    You cannot just copy and paste.

    EASEUS Todo does a good job cloning, but I would strongly consider doing a clean installation onto the msata drive with the HDD disconnected.

    If you are using Windows 7 it is quite easy, you just need to download the identical legit Windows 7 installer disk (since Lenovo like everyone else is too cheap to give you a full installer disk unless you pay extra) from DIGITAL RIVER and activating with your key from the sticker on your machine. All you need to do is download all the drivers from Lenovo.

    If you are using Windows 8, good luck, things are not as easy. :)
  2. ya the hdd is gpt and has 6 partitions which is crazy . . . I can't convert the drive to mbr though since I would have to format and that would mae things like the one key rescue key not work. copy and paste I fiured wouldn't work since most of the windows files are in use all the ime basically. is it possible to download a copy of windows 8 digitally? if not the OKR. has a 12.6 gb factory default, could I just get that onto either some DVDs or a USB and restore that onto the SSD, and then delete everything from the C: partition on the hdd and set the ssd as the boot drive( has all windows files, program files and so on)?
  3. The technique that I described works for Windows 7, but Windows 8 is a different story as its activation key is stored in the hardware.

    There are downloads available for Windows 8 Pro and evaluation versions of Enterprise, but I do not know if you can do a clean install with a new drive -- I would contact Windows 8 Microsoft support to clarify how to replace the boot drive.
  4. since cloning the drive you already have would be just like a factory restore, why not create your restore disks and then install the ssd and restore to it?
  5. After spending hours googling y580 and msata Win 8 OS install, it does not seem like it is possible. If someone gets it to work, please reply on how to do it. You cannot use the restore disks that are created from the computer to install on the have to order the Factory disks from Lenovo for $60.

    From what I have read there is no longer the option to make the Factory Recovery Disk Image on a y580 Win 8. You can only make an image of the restore partion which doesn't seem to work when going to the mSATA.

    Also, if you clone from HDD to SSD using Easeus or Paragon, One Key Recovery usually no longer works.
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