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Horizontal flickering

hello i just bought a new xfx5870 and i was messing around with it and i noticed while playing a game that i had these flickering lines all through my monitor temps are at 60c while playing but only for maybe 15mins didnt go past that after i noticed the lines. I have a gigabyte880ga motherboard, 3.4phenom ,new 1080p monitor same resolution i play in. Thanks for any help
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  1. What driver set do you have?
  2. hey
    the 10.8 one i belive the lastest
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    cyprus1234 said:
    the 10.8 one i belive the lastest

    What PSU do you have? Coule be a power issue.

    You can try an older version such as 10.4 and see if that clears things up for you. 10.4 seems to be the most stable.
  4. antec 750 80plus
  5. Try turning on V-Sync in your game, I doubt that will solve it though.
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