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No signal, blank screen, GPU or RAM prob?

hi there,

i have

i'm getting black screen with "No signals" after disconnected from power source yesterday.. it was working fine before..

i've tried rebuild my pc but still same,
i've tried even with ram but ram works fine as no beep, and get beep for "no ram detected"

any help would be appreciated..

thank you.
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  1. Quote:
    i'm getting black screen with "No signals" after disconnected from power source yesterday.. it was working fine before..

    What do you mean by this?

    If you diconnected from the power source then you are bound to get no signal. Coz there is no power in your PC. Please explain a little bit more elaborately.
  2. sorry for misunderstanding..

    all i ment was i was playin on pc, all of sudden main power cable got off from wall jack, so whole pc, and monitor goes off.. then i've connect power cable and tried to start pc again, but afterwards i'm gettin "no signal" and then monitor power button goes to orange from light blue,......

    i have took out mobo from case and setup whole thing without case, ( just to check if mobo is sorting somewhere,)
    i also tried with RAM arrangement troubleshooting.. as i have 2 stick, i've tried every possible combination on both slot, but no beep except i don't put any RAM in slot. where i got 1 long beep with 2 short beep which is "no RAM detected" sign in mobo manual.
    i've also took out cpu to check if it's overheated, but nothing seems wrong, as thermal paste looks good and cpu also in good condition..
    as i don't have other pc to test my GPU unit (GTX 260 black edition)
    PSU seems good as it's running 6 fans in my nzxt case plus my cpu fan and gpu's fan is alro running with all LED(blue) on fans are ON for nzxt case

    i've disconnected both sata harddrive and also DVD writer just incase (i've read somewhere about that... not sure actually)

    Still i got "No signal" coming...

    what could be possible fault? GPU or Monitor?
    (i'm working on getting friend's laptop where i'll connect monitor with it to see if monitor working or not)

    help !!! SOS !!!!
  3. finally i've connect laptop with my monitor and monitor works like charm,
    so "no Signal" error for acer monitor is out from list,

    I'm also taking out PSU from my list, as it's Crossair TX 750 W psu which is enough for gtx260, intel q6600, 2 HDD and 1 DVD WR and some other minor goodies...
    i've also run my setup without zalman cooler, and as i expected my pc got off aft few min, due to overheat..(i could hardly take out cpu that time, feels like lava) so from above steps atleast we know that psu is running CPU and it got overheated...

    my fair guess is RAM could be culprit,
    or GPU, but as i don't have any ddr2 or ddr3 RAM in spare to check,

    here's one question for vetrans, i have pc (above specs) 1 vaio laptop which have vga cable support, can i test my GPU with use of laptop?

    Hoping to get reply, atleast i'm trying all possible way to narrow down our search, but my knowledge is limited so plz plz reply if anything i can do to perform any test or any suggestion..

    Thank you.
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