Hot Athlon ii x4?

I have an athlon ii x4 processor, I will admit my case isn't very good. I have a back Exhaust fan and that is the only fan the case will really support. Anyways I just finished playing NBA2k11 and noticed that my processor got up to 73 degrees Celsius. I mainly wanted to check my GPU which was running at 45C. Anyone got any ideas what could be causing the high temps? I may be able to apply Arctic Silver five to it but my CPU never got this hot before. I checked the CPU fan and it appears to be connected. I should mention it normally idles at 30-35C and got to 50-55 at load on average. The only parts ive changed were the PS, and GPU. The power supply was switched to a Corsair 650TX which has a bottom fan, not sure if that messes with airflow.
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  1. You might consider installing an aftermarket cpu cooler that pushes the air through a radiator and towards the rear of your case, the supplied unit seems to blow downwards to the mobo,, not sure as I did not install same for my 955x4, liked the heat pipe tech though, anything that we can do to get the warmer air up and out the rear of the case is what it is all about, when and if you do apply A S 5 do it to both the cpu and the cooler base, and no thicker than a cigarette paper, as you know all it is doing is just filling the air spaces between the two metal surfaces...:)
  2. 70c is tj.maxx on most athlons i wouldn't be to worried.
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