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Hello, I have happened upon this website many times when searching for computer related advice and have found the community to be very helpful. I now need some more specific help with my hard drives and would appreciate any thoughts on this issue, please bear in mind I am far from an expert so I may need some further clarification.

I have had a Dell Dimension 9200 for around 6 years with no problems, until the Port 0 hard drive that contained my OS (Windows Vista) died. I also have a second hard drive containing all my other files in Port 1 which I hoped would be unaffected. After going through the process of replacing the faulty hard drive and reinstalling windows on the new one, I have been unable to access any data on the second hard drive. I believe this is something to do with the RAID configuration but have little idea what this means, below is the information from the Bios screen.

RAID Volumes:

ID - 0 / Name - ARRAY / Level - RAID0(Stripe) / Strip - 128kb / Size - 298gb / Status - Failed / Bootable - No

The new hard drive in Port 0 shows in the Bios as: Non-RAID Disk
The old hard drive in Port 1 shows as: Member Disk (0)

Both drives are 3.5" 7200rpm Sata Disks, although they are different sizes and makes which I have read can cause some issues.

Ideally I would like to have the second hard drive integrated back into windows with its files intact, however if this is not possible just the recovery and transfer of some of the files would be fine. Any thoughts or ideas would be most welcome and I will do my best to provide further details if necessary.

Thanks very much
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  1. It was a raid 0 stripe so the other half of your data was lost when the first hard drive died; theres no recovering the data. Sorry to break the bad news.
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