My 5770 with nfs undercover and assassins creed2...gpu usage is far less...:-(

anyone had any issues with nfs
undercover....for me...all settings
maxed out with full AA @
1280*1024 fps changes from 24
to 64 every now and then making
the game look choppy and not
smooth...:-( then when i look at gpu
usage in afterburner max usage is
54percent !!!! which changes from
25 to 54 every now and then...:-
( am using catalyst 10.8 drivers if
someone has nfs undercover post
ur results...samething happens
with assassins creed2 gpu usage
changes every now and then not
even reaching 80percent!!!! but for
crysis gpu usage is >90 percent
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  1. Do you have the game patched all the way? Try enabling V-syn on and off.
  2. Well, tell us your FULL specs:
  3. budget gaming pc
    athlon 7750 dual core stock@
    2.7ghz now@3.29ghz@1.412v
    asus m3n78-em
    2gb ddr2 @800mhz @6-6-6-18
    Graphics Card
    msi 5770 pmd1g@925 core+@
    1400 memory
    Hard Drive
    seagate 500gb sata
    Power Supply
    zippys 450w 22a on +12v rail
    iball case
    CPU cooling
    GPU cooling
    windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
    lg 20" lcd monitor @1600*900

    how do u put ur full pc details at the end of ur post ...wa1???
  4. Well,first revert back both your CPU/VGA to stock speeds and check your FPS again,
    If it didn't help,then disable Catalyst AI(Catalyst control center> 3D > AI), also is v-sync enabled or disabled ?
  5. i tried catalyst ai off it didnt help...vsync is off...i tried at stock also...what is that patch for nfs undercover all the way...?
  6. Try with V-sync ON and see if it makes any changes.
    Also disable windows "aero" and run the game and see if it helps.
  7. thanks a lot maziar....will try it out 2mrw and let u know
  8. Need for Speed games are always fickle, you can have the perfect system and it decides not to run smoothly because you changed one setting incorrectly. It took me quite a while to get Undercover looking great and still being smooth.
  9. wat is that setting exactly deweycd...??
  10. you need more than 22A on the 12v rail on that card the 550 Ti need 24A alone that will be the problem and make sure u have a good cpu cooler to release some stress from the cpu
  11. go to amds web site and seach your card then click system requriements the click the Certified power supplies link your wont be on there but you will be able to find a cheap but compatible psu
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