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I have a very nasty problem with my video card...
I have actually a WinFast A340 T video card (AGP 8x, 128MB) that has the Nvidia FX5200 chipset, but it worked only with the drivers from WinFast, not from Nvidia.
I had the video card installed properly under Windows 7 on a Gigabyte motherboard and it worked wonderful. Aero worked also.
Unfortunately, my motherboard died and i bought a replacement one, an AsRock P4i65G (This motherboard seems to have an AGI slot, not AGP, maybe this is the problem?). After I switched the boards and started the computer, my videocard didn't work properly. It was displaying at a 600x400 resolution with 16 colors and this is awful. Now I can't install the video card again.... :(.
Is there any workaround?
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  1. then try contact the AsRock Customer Service to provide you the driver for FX5200...
    or you can spend $70+ for HD4xxx AGP series which are compatible with win 7.
  2. ^+1
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