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Hey guys! this is my THIRD attempt to try and solve this, I posted in the OCing section, and only a couple people responded.... =/ (here is the link for the thread ).
I have a core i7 930 OC'ed to 3.41 ghz, and when I was monitoring my temps, I saw my O/I hub going up to 100+ Celsius, I was wondering, WHAT COOLER SHOULD I GET??

Thanks all! ~~Atotalnoob
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  1. Go to Look at these items:

    You may need to dig a bit through the many fans/heatsinks for something that will fit your mobo. BTW, what make and model of mobo are you using?

    Any fan that will directly blow cooler air onto your chipset will help. Looking at the other post, however, I would assume you have a faulty sensor. Try this app to see what it reports:

    Easy to use, free, no malware, and will report a fair amount of system info.
  2. MSI pro-E X58....

    This doesn't have the southbridge temps....
    edit: Antec spotcooler?
  3. Try it blowing air across the northbridge in the same direction as your internal case airflow - usually from front to rear. Actually you could try most any fan that you can fit to blow air down and across the northbridge heatsink. I've used 40mm and 80mm case fans for that myself. Larger fans usually move more air and make less noise.

    You may have to make a fan mounting bracket. Hardware stores usually have thin metal rods or wires like those used on CPU fans that you can bend and cut to attach the fan to a mounting point on the northbridge heatsink or the case frame. Or bread ties to attach the fan to a case mounting point.
  4. Atotalnoob said:
    MSI pro-E X58....

    This doesn't have the southbridge temps....
    edit: Antec spotcooler?

    Thought it might. Still, if everything else is running "normal" the likelihood that your SB it that hot is unlikely. Have you placed your hand near (not on please) the southbridge chip? You would definitely know if it were 100C.
  5. ummm I did on the southbridge, it is in the thread I linked too....
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    I missed that. Definitely a faulty sensor. 100C is 212F, the boiling point for water. That would be noticeable. 50-60C is definitely warmer than ambient. Go with a spot cooler, a chipset cooler (newegg has a few that will stick right to the heatsink on the southbridge), or live with it if the system works ok otherwise.
  7. Imma goin' with a spot cooler.
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  9. Atotalnoob said:
    Imma goin' with a spot cooler.

    Sounds like a plan. Good luck!!!
  10. Thanks dude!
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