Cpu changed

When I boot up my computer I got have way booting cpu have changed
Pres F-2 to continued
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    Well, I guess the OP means....
    When he booted his rig, he got a message saying "CPU Changed" Press F2 to continue or something of that sort.
    To the OP, it's usually something more like "The CPU timings have changed, DEL to Enter Setup, F2 to continue"
    I would suggest getting into the BIOS, setting it up to default, then changing the Boot order back to the HDD being the first boot device and then saving and exiting the setup.
    This done once should not give you the same message while booting the rig afterwards...... unless your CMOS battery is running out of juice.
    If you get that message again, I'd suggest buying a new CMOS battery and putting it in the rig, setting up the BIOS again and then continuing....
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