Is it a motherboard issue?

The pc will not turn on, and on the motherboard there is a green light making a high pitched whistling sound, after fooling around with the switch and connectors for some time the pc will come on and run perfectly, is my motherboard doomed? or could be something simple to fix?
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  1. Go here first:
    Work through the list. Work, not just read.
    If you still have issues, we will try to help!
  2. omg on step 17 the only connectors i have is power sw, i do not have reset sw, HDD Led, -p or +p led, i've heard that i could use the reset switch to power on my pc if needed but it appears i do not have any of those?
  3. What motherboard do you have? What other components? Please give a complete list!
  4. i don't know what motherboard i have or how to check
  5. How about at least a brand(Dell, Gateway, Packard-Bell,) and model number?
  6. gateway fx 6800-01e
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    It appears that Gateway uses an INTEL motherboard that was made especially for Gateway, and not available to anyone else. Trying to find a manual for that motherboard is next to impossible to find. If the PC is still under warranty, I'd try to get Gateway to fix it.
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