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So, I got two screens (25.5 inch and a 21 inch), and at the moment have them both going into my ATI 5850. I have my 9600 GT still lying around and was wondering if I can put that in and attach it to the 21 inch, so that my main bigger screen can use the 5850 exclusively (I can run all new games on max but it can't hurt to try)?

Do I just plug the 9600 GT in and attach and I'm good to go? I'm assuming I'll have to download drivers from Nvidia as well. In general, how do I go about this?
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  1. I am 95% sure you cant use Nvidia and Ati.

    You can use 2x different type of Ati Models in a hybrid Xfire system i believe.. Not 100% though
  2. You can use nVidia and ATI cards in Windows XP and Window 7 because those OSes will allow you to use two different drivers.

    Windows Vista will only allow you to use either ATI or nVidia because it cannot support two different video drivers.
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