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Problem with harddisk/partitions. Please help

Hello everybody, to quickly sum up the problem:

I had two harddisk, A and B. A had 2 partitions, "OS" (win 7), and "Programs", and B had 1 partition "Files".

Harddisk A was the "primary" and "system" harddisk, while B was just a "logical" i guess.
(I still haven't really figured out what it means.)

One day harddisk A crashed and went broken, so i couldn't boot the OS anymore.
I put harddisk B into another computer, and installed an OS on it on a new partition, so that B now had 2 partitions.
A was out of the picture - the programs on it were easy to reinstall anyway.

I put harddisk B back into my computer, and booted it from the newly OS partition.
Here i found that my old files wasn't accessible, in "Disk management" the partition with my files was now labelled "RAW". I didn't know what it meant, so i just clicked "create new partition" but chose "do not format", and hoped that it would create something showing my files.
All it did was create a new inaccessible partition showing up in my "Computer" folder, containing 0 byte/0 byte. This partition has no "Filesystem" (ntfs, fat) in disk management, but its status is "In order"

I have tried some different partition recovering softwares.
Chkdsk says "unable to determine filesystem".
'Testdisk' was too advanced for me to use. It found some partititions, and i thought it was the "package of partitions" i needed to restore, but when i restored them, it deleted my newly installed OS, and didn't recover my partition "Files", so now i am back on my second computer.

Some of the recovery software CAN detect my files and wants to copy them to "a specified folder", but i have 400 GB files, and no more harddisks to back it up on.
There must be a way to restore my previous partition without needing to transfer the 400 GB data to another harddisk.

My own idea is to delete this newly made partition "logical drive", since it has no filesystem and contains no data, but the problem is that it says "All data on this diskunit will be deleted", and i do not know if that includes my "hidden" data.

Any ideas? :) anything would be helpful.
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  1. I think you need to buy a new hard drive for your 400 GB of data. You might get lucky.

    You did something wrong every step of the way.

    1. You had a drive (B) with just your files on it. You should have pulled the drive out of you computer and locked it up for safekeeping, then tried to install the OS on the original drive.

    2. Instead, you installed it in a different computer and installed an OS on it.

    3. Then you reinstalled the drive in the original computer. If the two computers did not have chipsets from the same family (basically, identical or very similar motherboards), the odds of that working are, at best, about 50-50.

    4. Then you "tried some different partition recovering softwares".

    And you went downhill from there.

    It would be very helpful if you could tell us exactly what you did and with what software every step of the way.

    Someone else here, smarter than I, might be able to successfully unravel what you did.

    Buying another drive to try to backup your data at least has the benefit of doing no more damage.
  2. :pfff:

    You clobbered your disk.... It's that simple.....

    By installing an OS on that drive (B) you have evidently, during installation, created an "OS" partition/Drive and the rest of the drive is RAW.
    RAW usually means designated space available to create a partition and possibly logical drives within that space, once organized.

    As is evident by your actions so far, you need a professional or a more skilled technician to MAYBE recover the old partition (likely), but it's unlikely that your files can be recovered. They have been overwritten by installing your OS on the drive.....
  3. Rapidtech, like i wrote
    "I put harddisk B into another computer, and installed an OS on it on a new partition, so that B now had 2 partitions."

    I created a completely new partition from the unused space on the harddisk, and here i installed it. Why would that affect the partition with the files?

    I am sure my files aren't overwritten anyway. I have recovered a few of them with a recovery trial software, it's just that i want my partition back, not just the files, because that would demand both a full version of the recovery software, and a new harddrive to transfer the files to.

    i did try to install the OS on harddisk A first, but the disk is damaged.
    secondly, i didn't do any actions with the recovery software apart from testdisk, which didn't do anything. I only scanned files, drives, and partitions to see what was available and what was lost.

    By the way, the new OS i installed was an "image" of my old OS, on my primary PC when it worked.

    maybe i'll just try the Testdisk software again, im quite sure it can recover old partition structures.
  4. you can close the topic, its solved. thanks all
  5. Best answer
    nutz3390 said:
    you can close the topic, its solved. thanks all

    Can u tell us how did u solved the problem? It could help to somebody else.
  6. To conclude on my case:
    I lost my files. So by "solved" i mean, i figured out that there is no solution with the mistakes i did, and in the situation i am in.

    I thought i could make a new partition and install an image of an OS ,without affecting files on a parallel(another) partittion. I couldn't. Do not attempt that without backup.

    Secondly, i learned that you should not get too eager with getting your files back. I Thought that if i allocated unallocated disk space without choosing "format drive" the new partititon would contain the files on the disk.
    It didn't. On the contrary it deleted the files. This is very easy to misunderstand, and i think MS ought to rephrase the guides, or add further instructions at "disk management" to avoid people getting in the same situation.

    I didn't want to spend too much money on recovery software, nor did i have the sufficient time. I won't exclude the possibility of recovering your files at the point i were if you have the sufficient ressources.

    I didn't really find any of the answers in this topic constructive, they both basically just told me that i was more or less chanceless, and that my actions had been wrong, and i needed proffessional help. Pretty demotivating to be honest. :) Therefore i do not mark a best answer. I am nevertheless thankful that they took their time.

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