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Right... so I need your wisdom please :love:

Im busy collecting parts for a build. Kinda hit my budget and have no psu :kaola: I know, not great planning, but there were so many other shiny things I had to get. So Im going to be using the power box from my current pc, once again not great but I need to know if it will work.

What I need to know is this; my P8P67 Pro mobo has the standard 24-pin power connector, and then also has an 8-pin EATX 12V connector. My psu doesnt have a 8-pin connector, but a 4-pin 12V connector. The mobo user guide states that: "The mobo will not boot if the 4-pin/8-pin EATX12V power plug is not connected." Am I right in assuming that my 4-pin connector will do the trick? And if so why have an 8-pin plug?

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  1. You'll be under powering your board. Get a new PSU with an 8 pin or a 4+4 pin.
  2. cool, thanks:) found a 4+4 in my bros pc ;) so ima jack his :)
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