Windows changed my external drive from one to another

I have my movie collection on numerous hard drives (currently up to HDD007) which I use a docking station to playback off. Today, my wife tried to playback a movie from hard drive 6 (HDD006), but couldn't. I asked her to try another hard drive and sure enough all was good. I then asked her to put HDD006 in to the main PC so I could VNC into it and have a look.

Once she did that explorer popped up with the Drive needs checking for errors standard dialog box. Which was fair enough. In a few seconds it looked like it was all done. I went to my Computer and I see that the hard drive name is HDD007. I tell my wife she was meant to put HDD006 in, but she assures me it is the correct one.

I check the folder names (of the movies) and they match the movies that would've been in HDD006. However, there are about 76 folders and about 1.4TB of free space. All these numbers match the current state of HDD007. So somehow, Windows has made my HDD006 become HDD007.

I am currently running the check disk/ automatically fix errors option which I believe will take quite a while. But has anyone comes across this?

Have I lost an entire hard drive of movies? Anyway to recover from this?

Sorry if this is long, it's just that it's all very confusing to me.
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  1. you can try recovery software but really external drives are meant to be backups so if you are using it as a main drive you need 7 more to be your backup drives. LoL
    It gets expensive doesnt it?

    keep in mind that external drives fail way more than internal drives due to the limited cooling and much cheaper power supply.
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