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I was doing some research to try and build my own computer specifically for watching movies, and playing games like SC2, and WoW. I was wondering from everyone who is in the community if I had a 1000$ before tax and shipping, what is the best system I can build that will support Dx11 on the GPU level, and at least a dual-core system. I know how to overclock so if need be to keep the system up to par I can do that. One thing I do know is that microcenter has the i7-920 for only 199$, which seems like a steal being as how it might last a long time, but on the other hand AMD is already cheap and paired with an ATI gfx card for gaming it enhances the play a little bit. Any builds that can be thrown my way for some insight into the homebuilt world would be great. thanks!
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  1. Check the stickys in this section and see if there's anything that looks interesting
  2. Myself I would go w/I5-750 build
    (1) Gaming is primarily controlled by the Graphics card you buy.
    (2) An AMD system MB/Proc might be 10->20% cheaper than an Intel MB/Proc, BUT only amounts to 5 ->10% diff in overall system.
    (3) One of the Biggest bottlenecks on a System is the HDD – Solved by upgrading to an SSD, either in the initial build or as a future upgrade
    If using an SSD with the SF-1200 Controller (Vortex-2 and Phoenix Pro) which are currently the faster SSDs (Will be replaced, I'm sure with newer Released Sata 6 SSDs) AMD currently have a performance issue in implementation of AHCI on their Southbridge. They have been aware of this for quite some time but have not resolved the problem. It appears that the Phoenix pro (probably true for Vortex-2) takes a 20->30% performance hit on AMD based systems. A couple of threads on this issue.

    Also a thread you might want to look at (Identical question, diff person)
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