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Hello, I got a Gigabyte MB model GA-MA78GM-S2H Bios ver.F5 runing Vista 64 just fine. My problem is that I cant seam to get it to wake up from S3 using only my keyboard or mouse. Its a Logitech diNovo Laser Mouse Keyboard combo, connected to the computer with a Blue-tooth dongle. PSU is an Antec TP3-430W.

Any help is appreciated. Was going to put this in the motherboard section, but there is no gigabyte brand to select??!

Thanks Kasper
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  1. Probably because bluetooth is disabled when in sleep mode.

    I'm not sure if there is a way around that though.
  2. Hmm, at least there is no option for this in the device manager, under the Bluetooth HID device.

    However, if the USB is powered, should the Bluetooth then not be on?

    From the comand promt I ran the folowing command: powercfg -a

    It reports that only S1 sleep is available and that the computer firmware does not support S2 or S3.

    I have wake up from S3 (str) enabled in the bios, so I'm wondering if the problem is that I did not install the Gigabyte drivers for the chipset? Everything else is working just fine, but will an upgrade with the gigabyte drivers help? I'm hesitant to try this, because the chipset drivers come with VGA, SATA and Raid drivers. I would have preferred to just update the chipset drivers...
  3. Did you check to make sure S3 sleep mode is enabled in the motherboard BIOS. All boards i've dealt with default to S1 mode.
  4. It's fixed now.

    S3 was in fact enabled in the BIOS. How ever I installed the Gigabyte chipset drivers, disabled and then enabled the S3 wake up in BIOS. Now it's working, i don't know what made it work, but it works really well now. Also I moved the bluetooth dongle to another USB hub. (from the black USB ports to one af the orange ones)

    You may also want to take a look at this link, it helped my a lot! : http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/63567-power-options-sleep-mode-problems.html

    Thank you for responding, some times it helps to just write about a problem.
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