WD Red in a "green" Zyxel NAS--turn off auto spin down?

I have a 3tb WD Red to go into a Zyxel 310 NAS. I just noticed that the Zyxel has "green" features such as auto hard disk hibernation. Should I turn this feature off, if possible, or if I can't, then set it to spin down only after an enormous number of minutes?

Does the same go for a power on/power off schedule?

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  1. If you're seeking to have the fastest access time to the nas then yes turn it off and you can avoid having to wait for the drive to spin back up or you can set it to something like 45* minutes so that it spins down at night when no one is using it.

    * a bit more than your normal break
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    Load/Unload cycles are one of the things that wear out a drive, leaving them spun up, while not as power efficient, may actually increase the drives lifespan
  3. I can't seem to turn the feature off, so I have set it to 300 minutes, which is the max. A bit bummed that Zyxel has not included a way to turn it off.
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