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I am using a Dell Zino HD has an HTPC. I did a fresh install of W7 Ultimate and upgraded the RAM to 4 gb. I run WMC, Boxee, iTunes, VLC, etc. only. Everything is running perfectly...once I am logged in from the initial windows 7 login screen.

I use my iPhone as a remote:
1. Touchpad Pro as a remote touch pad and keyboard
2. iTunes, Boxee & VLC also have remote apps for iPhone
3. I also use logmein occasionally

I don't want to have a keyboard and mouse in the living room. I have been plugging my regular keyboard and mouse in just to log in then removing everything. It is cumbersome and there must be an easier way. And I don't want to buy something like a dinovo mini just for that purpose. All of the remote apps above only function after I am logged in to Windows 7.

Is there some sort of wake on lan setup that will help me through this problem? Is it as simple as bypassing the log in screen? What security issues should I be concerned about with that sort of setup? I also stream movies, pictures and music to this HTPC from other computers in the house.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. This should work
    use methood 1
    I know it is for XP but I should work for any version on windowes (win 7 included).
    If you don't have the run command just type "run" in the search box in the start menu and it should be the first on the list.
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