New build and no video signal

Hey guys,

Ive just put together my new build and everything seems to turn on, even my xfx 5850 fan is running but for some reason i cant get a signal out to my monitor. Ive tried HDMI to my HDTV first and that didnt work and ive even tried to connect it to a normal vga monitor with the dvi to vga connector that came with it but no love... what can i do???
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  1. i've worked out the problem, it was kinda weird though, i just swapped around the 2 ram sticks and it worked... that shouldnt have been a problem should it? should i run memtest to see if one of them is stuffed?
  2. it may have just been the fact that you re-seated the ram, may have been a bad connection. Swap them back and see if the problem is still there. But yeah, also run memtest86+
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