Analog or digital driver?

I just bought a samsung syncmaster px2370 and downloaded the latest driver. During install it asks if I would like the Analog or Digital driver. Im hooking up a laptop/desktop to the monitor via HDMI cable and dont know if HDMI is digital or analog.
So should I install the analog driver or the digital driver?

If I were to use the DVI to D-sub cable, would that be digital or analog?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. HDMI and DVI are digital and D-sub is analogue but you shouldn't need a driver for a monitor anyway, a graphic card yes but monitor no.
  2. The reason I ask is because the native resolution for the screen is 1920x1080. When I set my desktop to that resolution the desktop exceeds the edges of the screen, so I just thought that maybe need to install driver.
    Is there another reason my desktop extends past the edges of the monitor at native resolution?
  3. If you are using the HDMI connection that may be why, it's called overscan and there may be a resize option in the control panel for your graphics card.
  4. ok nvm I got it...was the PC/AV Mode in options within the monitor. Just had to switch it to PC. Pretty crappy manual it came with!!
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