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Hello all, I'm in a very difficult situation here.

I had a broken laptop in last night which a broken LCD screen. To determine it was only the screen broken, I went ahead and hooked it up to my PC to see if everything checked out.

it was ok, so I unplugged the laptop VGA cable from my monitor and allowed my PC/Monitor to go back to normal. Everything was fine.

I shut down PC and went to bed, upon waking up today and turning on. My monitor will not reconise display at all from my PC.

It says "check signal cable" as if no signal is coming through at all.

I was wondering If this could've been caused by yesterdays antics? I wired up the monitor to my own laptop and it works fine. and so does the cable. and the PC boots up with all fans and no POST beeps too.
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  1. Oh damn after yet another round of cable fiddling and unplugging and replugging, It appears to have resolved itself.
  2. ^ I think you would just have to select the correct input source correctly from the monitors's OSD...
  3. Hello sir, Yes I did that. I even tried a VGA cable. wasnt having it. Problem was poiting at (Gfx card gone insane from fiddling).. or card reseating. hopefully issue is resolved.

    Thanks though :)
  4. ^ Hmm...yup even that could be the problem...good that it is working fine... :)
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