HDD - Recovering a Damaged Data connecter

Hi i have a HDD with some very important Data on that im trying to recover.

The Data connecter is damaged the plastic peice is broken,

My computer was not working whenever i booted it would restart and keep looping.

so i gave the whole computer to a shop, then to a family friend to fix.

When they couldnt fix it i decided to look in to it my self and notice the Data connecter on the HDD was broken so one of them 2 must of damaged it :@

anyways i tried connected it to my current computer via the Data and power cables to the HDD but it was a bit weird putting the cable on to the data connector as there was no plastic peice as you can see on the picture.

It didnt recognise the HDD and didnt show up on My computer :(

is there any way around this? Could i replce that Data connecter peice?

Thanks for your replys in advance.

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  1. If the data is important contact a data recovery firm like gilware.
  2. How much do you think something like this would cost estimately?
  3. A LOT, usually more than the average person could afford. But if the data is that important you would need to find a way.

    I found one that isn't outrageous, but is still expensive


    Type: Physical Noninvasive Price: $429, parts included.

    That is of course assuming the drive is still functional. If it's non functional(something happened prior to the connector breaking) it will most likely cost a lot more.
  4. I dont think you drive will work, the plastic peice on the drive only holds the cable in place and prevents you from installing the cable upside down, the data connection is still made with the sata cable 'pinching' the pads on the drives board.
  5. I had the exact same happen to me and the drive is still running. I created a tiny shim and then glued the SATA cable and shim when contact was made with the HDD connectors. Every now and then it would pop out but still functions and applying some glue fixed it. It takes a bit of patience. If you have the original plastic then kudos as you are in luck as you can then crazy glue the plastic tab to the drive and then connect the SATA cable!
  6. pins still look good...a straight sata cable might be able to get your data off. the other trick..look for the same drive and or pbc on ebay for that drive the control board (green colored part) has a part# on it. as long as you get the same one you can swap it out and pray the data still on your drive.
  7. Right almost 2 years later i am back to finish the job, i have moved several times and took this little harddrive with me all the way hoping one day i can recover the memories. So anything new out ? or anything anyone can reccomend ? i was thinking of doing what the above guy said...

    iam thinking of replacing the PCB but dont know which numbers to match to here are the numbers if anyone can give me a hand :D

    on the PCB : 100439888 E F8112CXK
    on the HDD sticker :
    Seagate - Barracuda 7200.10 160GB
    S/N: 6RA353JC
    P/N: 9CY112-065
    Firmware: 3.AAC
    Data Code: 08123 Site Code: SU

  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seagate-Barracuda-7200-10-160GB-3-5-SATA-hard-drive-/191400168730?pt=UK_Computing_HardDrives_RL&hash=item2c9056cd1a

    This is the closest i could find on ebay with matching details ... Would this be fine to purchase to replace the PCB or sockets ?
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