Is MY PSU That BAd?

Okay, So I have this raidmax PSU: I know everyone says RAidmax is horrible and garbage and junk, but i even though it is not the same as Corsair, will it work? Is it safe for my RIg? Otherwise they wouldnt make them if they were truly blowing out peoples rigs right?

I have one Sapphire 5870 2gb eyefinity card, a intel i7 950, with 8gb of ram, and a gigabyte X58-USB3 motherboard, and a Arctic Freezer 13 CPU cooler, and a kingston SSD.

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  1. That's a lot of $ in component investment to risk to an unreliable power supply.
  2. There is a reason why it is a Gold rated 850 watter for $119.

    There is also a reason why it only has a 2yr warranty.

    There are also many reasons why people don't use these type of psu's to power their beloved systems.

    The psu is the most important component you will buy, why skimp on it. :pt1cable:

    You could get a decent one for the same money, actually cheaper!
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