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hi, i use to see those laptops wich have hard drive storage as well as recovery storage which increase the storage of the entire computer, if the hard drive is full some of large files are intalled in that recovery memory. i would like to know how can i put the recovery memory storage since my laptop doesn't have one.
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  1. Think you have a misunderstanding of "recovery" partition on laptop HDDs.
    1) Manuf. put a recovery partition on Laptop HDDs so that the system can be reinstalled should you corrupt the OS. They do this so that hey do NOT have to provide copies of hte Windows OS installation DVDand all the drivers/bloatware.
    2) This "Recovery" partition SUBTRACTS from Use HDD space - NOT increases it.
    Often this partition is limited in size and may be write protected (or even hidden) so that you do NOT write to it.

    Old saying " you CANONT put 10 pounds of sh** (smelly stuff) into a 5 lb bag". A HDD is limited by it's size and you can not increase that nor the amount of bits that it can store.

    You need to go thru and delete what you do not need/want any more, or Buy a larger HDD. You can also move files/data that you do not need often to a external USB HDD.
    Other alternative is to use a compression program to compress files, but this also slows down the system and is not recommended.

    Two comments:
    1) Replacing th HDD with a larger HDD is NOT hard.
    2) MUSTalways leave at least 10 % of the HDD free (You can only use 90% of the formated size. This is to alow defrag to work.

    There are a few things you can do to increase your space such as Disabling hibernation and limiting the amount of space that A) page file (virtual memory) uses and (B) limiting restore space (I disable restore).
    .. Hibernation - uses a space = to your ram (4 ig ram = 4 gigs of HDD space.
    .. Page file this is = to 1.5 x ram. If you have 4 gigs ram then virtual memory uses 6 gigs of HDD space. Limiting he page file to 1024 mb thus saves about 5 gigs of space.
    .. Restore points. EACH restore point will use 300 mbs. The space is controlled by windows 7 and is based on HDD size. 50 Restore points = 17 Gigs of HDD space.
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