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Im guessing Nvidia is nowhere near finished with the fermi based cards. The top of the line single gpu should be the gtx 485 with 512 sp and they should have a dual gpu with 2 gtx 475 (whenever they come out) and have a power draw less than ati's 5970 but more performance. I think the release of there gtx 460 was a success but they are a little late and should be releasing more cards that dont produce as much heat and is more energy efficient. Nvidia needs a lot of work to get put back on top even then i still buy there products :wahoo:
What do you think Nvidia should do at this point?
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  1. The next major milestone in the Fermi tale may well be the release of Crysis 2 but whether they will have GPU's with fully enabled cores by then is anybody's guess.
  2. A switch to a smaller die process, should help to lower temperatures, lower power usage, and increase clock speeds.

    Also, taking a cue from Intel, a switch to multi-core processors would provide an increase in performance; not just two chips on the same card, but an actual integrated set of multi-cores.

    Finally, I think Nvidia should learn some lessons in cooling/card design from companies that produce non-reference custom cards and after-market cooling designs.

    I think these are some of the keys to future success for the Fermi family.
  3. I agree and they better start soon because they are behind by at lest 8 months
  4. With the 6xxx series around the corner I expect them to be trailing for another year or so? Hopefully.
  5. I'm sure Nvidia has solutions right now, but they need to sell all of their GF100 before they release more GF104 cards. If they released 475/485 it would kill 470 and 480 sales, just as the 460 did to the 465.
  6. I would expect the ATI 6xxx cards to be in direct competition with the second generation Fermi cards (475, 485, 495) this Christmas/Holiday season. This should coincide with the fall release of some new DirectX 11 games: Lost Planet 2, Medal of Honor, Civilization V, HAWX 2, Primal Carnage (whatever that is), and a few others; more than doubling the number of available DX11 titles.
  7. I am still hoping they fix the drivers, I am having problems in BFBC2, SC2, and Dragon Age. = / 460's Sli
  8. I haven't quite finished DA:O(I'm on the last part when you can control the armies)
    GTA4 will be awesome on my new 6xxx series...

    Will have to get BFBC2 + MW2 + HAWX i reckon...

    Is hawx playable with kb+mouse?

    ~6850.... come-on baby!
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