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hi all ! im in the process of building a new system im looking for a decent graphics card around the £100 mark for my system ive seen so many cards and reviews , ive herd the ati hd 5770 are good also nvidia gt 240 ? heres my system so fa

Intel dual core e6600 3.06ghz
4gb kingston ram pc6400 800mhz
pci x 16 (insert card here lol)
500gb Wd hard drive
Arctic Power 600w Psu
windows 7 ultimate x64

i currently have an old TFT monitor 15" via VGA , but i will be buying a LCD HD montior after the system is complete , my only thought is which graphics card to go for ? iam going mad at all the choices so any advice or recomondations would be much appreciated id mainly be using it for gaming........
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  1. A 5770 and GT240 are not in the same performance bracket but a GTX460 768MB card can be had for £112.17.

    This is probably what MM was talking about, good price. I'd recommend it. Its better than your previous choices as well.
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