Laptob recognizing DVD drive but not reading DVDs?

I bought a brand new HP G6 lappy couple of days ago. The only time I got to use the DVD drive is when I installed Win7. This morning when I tried several DVDs and CDs, the computer got a bit laggy and couldn't read them. I can't even eject them unless I restart he computer. I've tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them but it didn't work, neither doing a system restore. I'm clueless now.

I appreciate any help, Thanks!
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  1. maybe you have a bad disk drive, new products can come DOA
  2. may want to try microsoft hi low filter error patch for cd-roms.
  3. @patrick

    I installed my windows using the DVD drive so I'm ruling out this possibility for the moment.


    I have tried that. Still not working!

    Right now, I'm thinking about 2 things:

    1- I tried to install this program

    but it didn't install so I cancelled the process. I think that this tool triggered the problem, but I don't know what to do.'

    2- I updated my BIOS version, does this have anything to do with my problem?

    Thanks a lot.
  4. since when does a new laptop not come with windows already installed?
    I would normally recommend that you boot into the recovery partition and restore it back to factory and see if the optical drive works then and if not take it back for a replacement.

    Oy - looking at the software you tried to install I see its a frimware update. Its very likely the drive is now messed up and replacing it would be much cheaper than trying to fix it. Without the full hp model # I cant even verify that you had the correct panasonic drive in your g6 that that firmware patch is for.
  5. I tried to uninstall the drivers then restarting and applying the firmware and it worked!

    Thanks a lot guys :)
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