HELP my computer blew!!!

My computer had been acting a little odd, so I repaired XP using the reinstall/repair method. Everything was fine until I plugged in a video camera today and got a BSOD. When I tried to restart, the computer refused to boot. There was an electrical smell, and the fan on the video card was spinning faster than ever, so I removed the card. Still no luck. The led for the hd is on steadily, but I can't hear the hd spin, and the fans don't start right up, need a push. Has the motherboard fried?

Additonal note: there is also no signal to the monitor, either from the card when it was in, or the motherboard direct video out. I disconnected everything but the cpu and the monitor, and still no signal. Also the chipset and cpu don't seem to be getting warm, and I can't turn off except by unplugging (tho button does work for turn on). Okay, even tho no one here seems to have an opinion, I am pretty sure that all means motherboard so I'm off to order a new one.

Here's the system:
HD 500G|WD
CPU AMD|A64 X2 5000+
MEM 2Gx2|GSK F2-6400CL5D-4
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  1. It can as well be the PSU.
  2. +1 for the psu to be the candidate for your problems. Fans not spinning up obviously means no power (case fans) - have you tried swapping the connector they are attached to ? I presume they are connected to a molex ??

    As for the no heat build up in the chipset and cpu - this would indicate that the PSU is not supplying enough power on the associated rail. Do you have access to a spare PSU ? this way you could test the mobo / cpu without having to actually buy anything additonal
  3. This does sound like the PSU. What PSU did you have?
  4. I have a Corsair VX450W, couple of years old. The fans do spin if I give them a shove. But I can't even boot to bios, nothing happens at all. I have a backup computer, and guess I will pull the psu (which is the Antec 350 that came with the case), and try it. Ugh.
  5. OK, swapped the psu's and had exactly the same result.
  6. jaz50y said:
    OK, swapped the psu's and had exactly the same result.

    Looks like you confirmed your suspicion to the motherboard then.
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