Sabertooth x58 only see one core

so i just got a sabertooth MB and a 17 950 CPU.
The prob is, in task manager, in BIOS and in cpu-z it says i only have one core.
in device manager and in Dxdiag it says i have 8 cores.

So whats the issue here?
Please dont say I need to update bios. I want to know whats else it can be. Thanks.
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  1. Well I have to ask do you have the latest bios?

    Faulty CPU
    Faulty board
    Hair or some other object on cpu contact points.

    Get latest bios and reinstall cpu giving the socket a good blow out and inspection before.

    What does Coretemp say?
  2. +1^
    All drivers installed? Tried BIOS update?

    I'm not as familiar with how Intel processors work as I am with AMD ones but there is the possibility that counterfeit CPUs are being sold again.
  3. ^ Theres a nice thought. :lol:
  4. beanoslim said:
    ^ Theres a nice thought. :lol:

    :D lol
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