Anyone experience with replacing bios chip on Mobo?

My Motherboard is likely dead(ish). After looking for the same board (P5E) (to avoid building a new system) on Ebay I came across new bios chips for around $10.
Has anyone tried to replace the bios chip on the mobo with any success? I am willing to give it a try for $10 and avoid spending around $800 on a new system (mobo/memory/CPU/power etc.

Looking forward to your input!
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  1. usually the only time you replace the BIOS is after a bad firmware flash.

    how do you know it is the MOBO? might be a bad CPU, memory, or maybe video card that will prevent you computer to boot.

    what are the symptoms?
  2. ^ concur (You poped in as I was typing)
    Normally I do not recommend - In your case it's only $10 and time.

    (1) Most motherboards us multilayer circuit boards which means that the solder has to flow into the hole to make connection to traces you can not see.
    (2) Probably the best way to remove old IC is to carefully cut the IC out, then desolder and remove the individual pins. New to use a solder sucker and/or desoldering wick.
    (3) Use a low wattage solder pencil, NOT a 100 Watt solder gun.

    Now for the 24K dollar question, How do you know it's the BIOS chip, IE did you brick it doing a failed firmware update??
  3. It's pretty easy to damage the motherboard trying to solder things like that on by hand. I'd recommend replacing the motherboard. It shouldnt be hard to find another 775 ddr2 board. Last time I bothered soldering back on a bios they had a lot fewer pins.
  4. ^ the only one I've replaced was on a MB that had two bios chips and they where socketed (Old 386SX)
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