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A few questions about my new build.

I have an ASRock 890FX Deluxe4 and an AMD Phenom II X6 with Corsair Dominator memory.

Anyways, the first issue is the system starts out quiet for a while and then one of the fans seems to pick up speed and wine. If I take off the side of the case to figure it out, the soumd immediatley stops upon romving the case. My best guess right now is maybe I need a different CPU fan? I have the one from the retail box.

Next, Everything that is supposed to be grey in windows seems to have kind of a lavendar hue. I've had the 5870 for quite a while and it worked perfectly until I did this upgrade of mobo and CPU.

Also, the computer usually won't boot if I power on or reboot. It appears to get stock at the ASRock graphic. If I hit the reset button, the cimputer starts up.

Lastly, I thought I had a great idea and bought 2x 2TB SATA3 drive to build a RAID0. After saying wtf during installation of Windows I Googled it. Now I find out that Windows can't have RAID's larger than 2GB. I've read about GUID but I can't find any reliable instructions anywhere? Does my system need an EFI BIOS in order to even do that?
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  1. A new CPU fan won't do you any good unless you're certain it's the CPU fan. Even then, that may only be a symptom, and not the cause.

    For your graphics issue, make sure the GPU is seated all the way. I would also go into the color calibration menu to see if you can adjust the settings; since you've got a new build, the monitor color calibration profile/settings were probably deleted/lost.

    Is the power switch on the case A) plugged in properly to the mobo and/or B) broken?

    I don't know anything about RAID so I can't help with the last one.
  2. An update on this - I power on the computer this morning and it stuck the BIOS graphic. I hit the reset switch and it rebooted and then told me bootmgr is missing. I rebooted and went to BIOS and saw that everything was reset to defaults. Anyone know what that could be?
  3. I think this happened to one of my friends once. What they ended up doing was repairing the Windows installation with the DVD. That should fix it (especially if the problem is the bootmgr).
  4. If the CMOS battery is dying, that would explain the BIOS reset.

    Have you overclocked at all?

    A windows repair would be a good place to start.
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