5970s now only 600 bucks

wow 5970s are now only 600 bucks well HIS is sapphire is 650 both come with game coupons.

man if that price drops even a little when the 6xxx series hits kiss the 480s good by man thell never sell.
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  1. asus 480 375

    buy a arctic cooling heat sink (the one like the 5970 toxic had) and wam 425 and a super cool running 480
  2. ooo the OP just got told whats up lol.

    dam thats a nice cooler and on a 375 dollar 480 its got to be the cheapest setup and the coolest running one also nice find.
  3. Hardly -.- If you actually read, that says its 55$ and its not even dollars, its Euros. The actually Dollar amount is 440$ for the GTX 480 (assuming newegg which is the cheapest) then 70$ for the cooler, the total now is 510$. Not to mention 480's eat energy compared to even 5970's.

    Anywho, THATS WITH THE CURRENT NEWEGG DISCOUNT! Without it 500$ is MSRP plus the 70$ cooler. Thats 570$ -.- Thats a 5970. So OP didn't even get owned.
  4. (Also, I think when Houdinii says that Asus 480 is 375. Do you realize that's open box, assuuming your talking about newegg. rarely anyone buys open box, you shouldn't buy open box infact.)
  5. It's "only" 600 Bucks? Heh, must be nice to be rich.
  6. I've bought Jetski's cheaper than that.
  7. I'd much rather have two GTX460 for 410 dollars, than a 5970 for "only" 600. That is way to much to pay for a card, in my opinion.
  8. What was the MRSP supposed to be about a year ago?
  9. Mousemonkey said:
    What was the MRSP supposed to be about a year ago?

    $599 :lol:

    I see what you did!

    When it comes to pricing, the ATI Radeon HD 5970 has an MSRP of $599, which is a little more than what most people spend on graphics cards. Let's take a closer look at the card to see what $599 will buy you these days.
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