Dell Inspiron 9200 battery problem

I have a inspiron 9200 which wouldn't boot and said critical battery. This is on eof thos elaptops where you need a battery to boot.
I bought a battery and now it boot fine except the charge monitor keeps flicking back between battery and a/c power. I do not know if the a/c connector is bad.
Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. Check the AC adapter. Can be measured with a multimeter.
  2. The voltage seems fine , I also tried another adapter and the problem is the same. I am wondering if buying the battery helped at all. (100$). I am wondering whether to return the battery and invest the money in a new PC. This one is 8 yrs old.
  3. 8 years old is not worth a new battery! it is probably the connection into the board/computer! A new computer superior to that one can be had for less than $500 today.
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