Ping the same after new connection/new place?

I like to have a really low ping in games and believe something is causing my ping to be higher than it should.

I used to be on a 1.5mpbs down, 250k up connection and now I am on a 5.2mpbs down, 620kpbs up connection and am still getting the same pings to ALL servers...

I had the ISP come out and optimize the connection to about as fast as it will go(apparently) and everything seems good except for the pings. Downloads and uploads work as they should.

Things I've tried so far:

1) Had ISP come out and fix line/optimize connections
2) Switched from Mobo ethernet to Network card with same results
3) Tested another PC in the same area with same results
4) Was using 50-foot cable, switched with a 7 foot cable and same results

Does anyone have an idea of what's going on? At work I ping 34ms to the same server at home that I ping 64 to - work is only 5 min away. Somehow I don't think this is related to the actual speeds of my internet - my pings were the EXACT same as my old place with crappy net remember, could it be something else I'm missing?
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  1. You're pings are cumulative from every hop.

    do "tracert <server>" instead of "ping <server>" and watch where you pings jump up.

    example. My brother has a 60ms ping to the first hop then it slowly goes up each hop and ends around 110ms to his game servers.

    This means it 60ms to his ISP then 50ms from his ISP to the server.

    For me, I have a 5ms ping to my ISP and a 15ms ping to the same game servers. This means it takes 10ms from my ISP to the game servers.

    All simple math.

    A high ping to your ISP means they have an over-subscribed node.
    A high ping from your ISP to the server means you ISP has too many users.

    It's all about bottle-necks and your weakest link.
  2. Thanks for that input. I contacted my ISP once again and they changed my port speeds from 6000 to 8000 and now my speeds are much better, but as you mentioned, ping did not change.

    827k/s down
    640k up

    Here is my traceroute to the server I am dealing with:

    Uploaded with

    Also I found this thread that has something interesting, could it be this?
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