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Hello, my names matthew and im looking to get a new computer, and making it myself! at the moment ive decided to use such components as the
intel core i7 870/875k/920/930 or amd phenom ii x6 1090t, 6gb of ram, 1tb of hdd and a 22" full hd monitor, and a good mobo, but mainly for
a graphics card ive had quite a dilema, because im going to mainly be doing video editing and 3d animating rendering modeling rigging etc and compositing,
all this on such programs like maya, 3ds max, softimage, zbrush, Adobe after effects, sony vegas pro, adobe Premiere etc
And the dilema is deciding whether to get a nvidia gtx 460/470/480 or to get the quadro 580/1700/1800,
or possibly an ATI radeon 4870, 5750,5770
and im not into gaming or any of that, although im not sure whether getting such a computer will draw me to it, but atm, not a gamer at all, and not really looking to become one.
this isnt my profession but i really enjoy doing it as a hobby
so i wouldnt really like to spend alot of money for a hobby.
ATM my budget would be about £1000
which is about $1400 for everything, graphics card, cpu, ram etc.

also i need something which could handle high polys, preferbly a few million? or around there.
And as i like doing different projects all uses of all programs will need to be well usable, for eg, modeling, texturing, endering, rigging, animation in all 3D programs,
and i will also be using boujou. And rendering, compositing in video programs, and matte painting in photoshop.

thankyou so much for any help and you would be helping me a TON, any help will be greatly appreciated,

( P.S. any help on what other components would help would also be appreciated, and i dont mind overclocking)
thanks again lol.
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  1. I'd probably recommend this build except change the processor and mobo to be i7-920 or better.

    Oh, and up the graphics card to a 'Cyclone or Twin Fozr' version....
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