Power Supply Cord Volt question!!!

Now need some tech help here. I'm buying a new power cord for my Ultra 550 watt PSU, the one they give me is too short and i don't want to buy one of those extensions (don't want to buy a add on). I want a longer cord.

Now i "could" just go and order one from TigerDirect, but i don't really want to pay there shipping (newegg doesnt' carry ultra stuff).

I was thinking, can i buy a universal power cord and use it on my Ultra 550 watt PSU??? Would it work, or does it need to be a certain type of cord? I really don't want to do something dumb like get a cord that doens't support they volts to my PSU and short my whole system just to save $6 bucks.


The cord i think i need.

The cord i want for the price.

Now...is this safe for my rig? Does it even matter? If not way?
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  1. The walmart one will be fine. Belkin makes good cables.
    You 550 watter probably pulls 6amp on full load. So no worries.
  2. Really? Thanks, where do i see the specs for amps on my power supply?
  3. For the cable it's stamped or printed on the cable sheath. Hopefully it's 16AWG (American Wire Gauge) or thicker (14AWG).
  4. ok, Thanks a bunch.
  5. Yes,which are workable
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