Crossfire between NVIDIA and ATI

Is it possible to use crossfire between a NVIDIA and an ATI card?
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  1. Nope.
  2. 2 or more Nvida cards = SLI
    2 or more ATI cards = CF
    1 ATI + 1 Nvidia linked together = not possible
  3. You can. But only using Lucid's Hydra technology.

    MSI even produced the Big Bang motherboard featuring it.
  4. The performance is horrible, and in some cases is lessened as opposed to a single card. To top it off there is very little game support.
  5. ok thanks guys.
  6. Some people have done it, but under Windows ATI uses catalyst, and NVIDIA uses NVIDIA control panel, Under Linux they may be able to be configured separately or even a source forge program for windows. Most likely 2 different chipsets support running will have problems. Unless ATI is willing to work with NVIDIA(I.E hydra), its best to just stay with 1 common set GPU chipset. Like hell tech made clear there would have to be a custom bridge for instance a hybrid of CF and SLI not to mention driver support. This post was pretty informative though
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