Gaming tower

i am looking for a new case for my gaming pc

i have ASUS rampage 2 extreme mobo
i7 920
6 gb ddr3 1600
2 x gtx 260's palit sonics
antec 1000w psu
2x500gb wd HD

at the moment its all in an ANTEC 1200 case apart from 1 of my 260's as i have not enough slots on the back of the case :??:

this case seemed great .. however because of the way the mobo is the following problem ocurs.

there are 7 back plate pci slots at the back of the case

when inserting the top GPU on the 1st pci e slot that posisions on to no 3 and 4 of the back plate
that then leaves no.5 and 6 for the next pci E slot
then if i conect the 2nd GPU to the 3rd pci e slot this conects to no. 7 slot i have no no. 8 back plate pci

i dont realy want to buy a nother mobo as ive just spent £250 on one.

does anyone know of a gaming case with 8 back plate slots prefreably with blue led fans on the case for cooling.

please help :)
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  1. problem solved
  2. Cooler Master HAF X has 9 slots but has red LED Fans...
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