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Hello everyone!

I just have quick question I snooped around asus's site looking for information on it but with no luck. My question was I can upgrade this cpu from Phenom II x6 1035T to a 1090T BE correct? Has anyone done it? Its been awhile since ive built computer but in theory it should support it. Also now days does W7 still require a format/New OS install when switching major hardware like cpu/mobo?

Essentio CG1330
Phenom 1035T
Ati 5870 2gb E6
Harddrive total 3.5tb
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    No you won't need to reinstall to use a new CPU (switched mine from an old Pentium D 820 to Core 2 Q6700). However Asus might be tying their OS to their motherboard so of you switch out the mobo you might have to find another Windows 7 license. Yes you can upgrade but I don't think the Asus mobo supports OC'ing from you Black Edition CPU.
  2. Oh alright thanks for info, It does O/C with the AMD Overdrive software, but not with BIOS of course...Cant really ask that out of a prebuilt-MATX computer. It does alright my 1035T does about 2.9ghz stable, Im sure it can go more but the stock ram cant handle being overclocked more and you cant ratio the ram n fsb so ya.

    I just want the 1090T cause its cheap for flagship cpu honestly.
  3. Then why not go one step higher to a 1100T?
  4. Honestly I didn't know it was out, hell ya 1100T it is.
  5. Make sure the mobo supports it it only came out a month ago. By that I mean BIOS flash if available.
  6. Yeah ill make sure to email asus and ask them, im sure it would work even without a flash but u never know - Thx for heads up.
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