How to wireless for internet & wired lan for printer

I looked at the thread "How to: wireless for internet & wired lan same PC", but I couldn't get it to work, or I didn't understand. I have a printer with an unchangeable ip address of, connected to a network card with these settings: IP:, subnet mask: and the default gateway is blank. I have a linksys wireless N router and adapter that I get the internet through and also a network of other computers and printers. The wireless router is configured as follows. IP:, subnet Mask:, DHCP Server: Enabled, Start IP Address - 150. When the wired network card is enabled, the computer looks for the internet on it, not on the wireless. I am still able to get to the other computers through the wireless network, just not the internet. As soon as I disable the wired network card, I get the internet back. Any suggestions? I know this will work because it worked for about a year, then i had to reinstall Windows XP and now I it won't.


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  1. What's your default gateway according to "route print"?
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