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hello my computer is running at 36 celcius idle and havent ever seen it get above 60 celcious on a prime 95 torture test but when i first applied the thermal paste the cpu was running at 27 celcious how come it went up 10 celcious aproximately? is it it the thermal paste setting in because i thought it was usually the other way around what method do you guys have the most sucess with ? thanks
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  1. 200 hours to set in. Did you get enough on there?
  2. 27 or 36 isn't a problem, load temps are more important, under 60C is always good.

    Could be ambiant temps, check internal fans are all working.

    When you 1st checked and your most recent check were all the factors identical like.

    Time the machine had been on.
    Programs running in the backgroung.
    Room temp.
    Internal fan speeds.
    Using the same monitoring prog.
  3. yes i used speed fan for the temp monitoring and i would imagine they where pretty close to the same temps if anything now would be colder and i generally dont shut the computer for long eriods of time... :S
  4. Try HWmonitor, Coretemp and Realtemp (only if Intel)

    I always go by the AS instructions, works for me. :D

    If its still 60C under load i don't think you have a problem but a fresh install never did anyone any harm.
  5. yea okay because i was just wondering y my coolermaster hyper plus 212 cooler is idling 2 celcious higher then the stock intel one i7950
  6. I just reapplied my thermal compound on my i5 2500k and the BIOS reads 41 C and HWMonitor reads 33,27,30,28 on the cores. Idk what is up with mine. I am also using AS5 and 212+ with an Antec 902
  7. Is that a problem, whats it like under load?
  8. ive never seen it over 60c on a prime 95 stress test and also i think hte f***** ads in hotmail make it run higher becasue there always changing anyone know of a better program for a hotmail email im sick of thoses ads:/
  9. Sounds good, I use Windows Live Mail with my Hotmail account.
  10. alright all giver a try and for the cooling i installed the one that came with my mobo and speed fan and fan xpert are both usually the same give or take .5 of a Celsius
  11. Thanks beanoslim windows live mail made a huge diffrence!
  12. No problem. [:bohleyk:1]

    Have you tried HWmonitor and Coretemp yet?
  13. no i havent got the chance yet got exams in a few days so im studying atm :/
  14. Just seen your system setup, nice, I like the Sabertooth boards.

    So your i7 950 is running under 60C under load, you have nothing to worry about.

    Hwmon and Realtemp take seconds to setup but anyway you have more important things to do.

    Good luck with the exams.
  15. thanks a lot i apreaciate it !
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