Picking motherboard for AMD Phenom X6 CPU


I'm planning to put together a new PC mainly for image editing and restoration (PSE & Silverfast), office and OCR tasks and maybe some occasional film editing (capturing VHS and burning). I won't be playing games on this PC at least no advanced games.

I've heard good things about the AMD Phenom II X6 series cpu's so that'll be my starting point.

I'm having difficulties choosing the right Motherboard for this setup though. After som research (using http://www.prisjakt.nu/kategori.php?l=s76214512&cols=574,783,615&o=lokal_rank#prodlista) I've managed to narrow down the options to socket AM3/(or AM3+?)/form factor ATX/Memory type DDR3/64 bit OS and RAID control (as I will be using a seperate disk for the softwares.

Here's where it's getting difficult though, I found about 80 moderboards meeting the criterions above, but there are 13 different chipset to choose from.

So, I would like to figure out:

the difference between all these chipsets?

the difference between AM3 and AM3+?

what crossfire is and if I need it?

if there's anything else I should think of when choosing motherboard?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. different motherboards have different features.some of them supports sli and some dont.
    difference between am3 and am3+

    crossfire is multi gpu support from amd or ati.you dont need it unless you a heavy gamer.

    whats your budget?i will suggest you good mobo.
  2. Hi!

    Well, for the motherboard I'd say around 1000-15000 SEK (around £150 - lower if possible).

  3. ...it should be 1000 - 1500 SEK (approx. £100-150) and nothing else...
  4. plz tell in USD or CAD...............
  5. Sorry, around 200-250 USD.
  6. for your budget -

    but thats a way overkill for your work.this one is for gamers and serious overclockers.

    best MOBO that suits you is -


    it is cheap and full of features.
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