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Wheres the help guide for machines that don't post, it had pics of boards and connecters etc etc.

Can't remember who did it, thought it was in Randomizers sticky but it aint there.

Or have I just totally lost it, did it ever exist. [:beanoslim:3]
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  1. What! [:beanoslim:3]
  2. No it was a guide like a read this before you post about your pc not booting.

    It had pictures of boards and connections and bios reset and other stuff.

    I don't know where its gone. [:fixitbil:1]
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  4. aford10 said:

    Thats the one, I knew I hadn't gone totally mad. :pt1cable:
  5. tecmo34 said:

    It is in this sticky in the Systems forum: READ BEFORE POSTING: Buyer's Guides and Troubleshooting.

    No wonder I couldn't find it I was looking in components...doh. [:fisshy:2]
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  7. There was an effort a couple months back, to clean up and consolidate some of the stickies. That's why it was included into the sticky by Randomizer, in the Systems section.

    Thanks for the vote. :)
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