How's this cable management?

Would like to know if there are any more ways to improve on this to get maximum airflow. I'm thinking, why not remove the front and side panels. The dust won't be filtered though. Will this have any detrimental effect on my parts? I clean my case every 6 months or so. I just want my parts to be as cool as possible =D

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    Looks good to me and not blocking airflow. Strategically placed intake and exhaust fans create a better airflow than an open case.
  2. You don't want to leave the case completely open. A closed case provides an air path that directs airflow over the components. An open case won't have this airpath, and will actually provide reduced cooling in many cases. That's why, if you play with servers and removed the top or side cover while they're on, most modern servers will freak out and spin all the fans up to 100% and set a service code until you reinstall the top or side cover. While desktops don't typically have such a precision designed air path for cooling, it still applies. The air is taken in through the front and side, and drawn out through the top and back. This closed path doesn't allow air to stall and hang around certain components in the case.
  3. Yeah, just like others said, leaving case up isn't a wise idea. Your more likely to make everything hotter rather than cool it down. Cases are built to have a ceratin airflow to all the components and to remove it as best it can. Leaving the case open destroys the cases cooling purpose.

    EDIT: Make sure you have fans in all the spots that your case allows, if you are missing any you are also messing up the cases ability to remove heat and keep things cool.
  4. Haha okay thanks.

    It's sad to know I've been doing it wrong all this while, because I've been leaving my side panels off the case. =/

    Once again, Danke.
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  6. ^I looked at the image and thats some impressive cable manangement...
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