Is this shellshocker deal SSD worth it?

Im really looking to purchase an SSD and doing a clean install of Windows 7 onto it, for speed obviously but I don't know the first thing about what's good and what's not. Thanks
What do you guys think about this SSD? What am I looking for when SSD shopping as well, for speed reliability etc etc.

OCZ Vertex 4 Seems like a fair price..
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  1. Yes, it is a fair price, It is NOT worth the "$149".

    My preference For just slightly more would be the:
    Samsung 830 (Out of stock) but often at $109 on sale)
    Crucial M4 Currently @ $120 but also often on sale for $109:
    Pextor M5, $115:

    NOTE: While benchmarks may show a diff between the vertex 4 and the three I listed, You will not see any real diff in day-2-day performance.
  2. at that price its a fair deal, just be sure to update teh firmware first thing and then after you get it up and running and fully updated to make an image of it. If the OCZ fails its often in the first month or two.
  3. arguably the best ssd on the market, for a very fair price
  4. Yes, it's fair price. But as previous commenter mentioned, don't be misled by the purported $149 "regular" price. $149 is way too much for that SSD, and only reflects what NewEgg hopes you'll believe is the normal price.
  5. How do I make an image of it
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