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I am having a weird issue with my C: drive which is a Patriot Pyro 60GB SSD drive. The system is currently running Windows 8 but originally had Window 7 when purchased October 2011. On the very left window box in the picture it is all my files selected with hidden files shown and selected, then properties to show the files take a little over 27GB. The next window shows the properties and icon info from my computer showing the C: drive is almost completely filled up with only about 3GB free. The pagefile is set to run on another physical drive and hibernation is turned off along with File History (Shadow Copy) and any other thing that take up space on the drive that is sometimes hidden. Looking at CrystalDiskInfo and SSDLife the drive is listed at 100% with TRIM turned on, the drive is running the latest firmware from Patriot which was updated many months ago. Windows 8 was installed on this drive at the end of August 2012 but this issue was not present at the time, I just have noticed this recently but I am not sure what is causing this. Has anyone else come across an issue like this?
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  1. How about system restore? Temp folder? Windows.old folder? Do you disable Prefetch and SuperFetch?
  2. In addition to turning off hibernation did you actually delete the hiberfile.sys file? One quick way is to open an elevated command prompt and enter powercfg –h off

    And as cin19 says, another big space hog is system restore.
  3. I'd be deleting the windows.old folder. When I upgraded to 8 I had the same thing happen and didn't notice until I got the 'low space' warning. I actually have that same drive in the htpc that I upgraded to 8. LOL That last firmware update sure made it nice and stable!
  4. Good suggestions and a few of them I should have clarified more on when I did my initial post. @cin19 System Restore is turned off on the drive. Prefetch and Superfetch are also turned off. When I switched to Windows 8 I did a new install, completely formatted the drive so there is no windows.old (although good thought since I was not clear). @RealBeast I did do the powercfg -h off before posting this and I made sure that the hiberfile.sys was deleted and not part of properties box with all my files selected (the 27GB windows). Hope this helps since I was not clear before. This one is really stumping me too, I have no idea why file wise I am using a little over 27GB but the system shows a little over 53GB used with only 3GB remaining (26.1GB unaccounted for).
  5. NM
  6. Down load & run Windirstat (windirstat.info) It graphically shows what files & where the files reside & will help you find the 'missing' space.

  7. jimpz said:
    Down load & run Windirstat (windirstat.info) It graphically shows what files & where the files reside & will help you find the 'missing' space.


    I took your advise jimpz and used the Windirstat program. All of the files and directories showed up visually like they should. All was accounted for until I selected the directory and unknown to show. There was a big block shown visually that is my 26GB that is unaccounted for but Windows shows in use. With it having the unknown category I could not see anymore information about it unlike other files on the drive. I can see where this program helps but for this case it did not help me solve the issue. Thanks for your suggestion though.
  8. wow, usually 'unknown' is restore points... Are you using any kind of backup that might be saving info to the ssd?
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