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It has been three weeks now and I am running my i930 at 4.0 (191 BLCK x 21 multiplier) with the RAM at 1526.

I have been playing Star Craft II, Civilization 5, all manner of MS Office, watching video (DVD and streaming) and browsing the web. My system has NEVER locked up / BSD once I got the parameters set including BCLK, Vcore, SPI, DRAM Freq / VDRAM, and runs, depending on the app, at 45 - 60c, and I love it and as far as I am concerned, since its never locked up, it is stable.

I have run prime95 for 10 - 15 minutes at a time to test basic temps/stability and the core, using coretemp will hit 75 - 78c on some processors with some processors less, but average around 76 after fifteen minutes.

So here's the question....Prime95 is way more intense than anything I do or plan on doing and this system, and should I do anything like it, I could always tweak it down. So why run Prime95?
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  1. To make sure your pc is stable at high cpu usage, you may not drive a car at 100mph all the time, but the manufacturers test it to make sure its safe at that speed, same principle :)
  2. ^ Exactly. One day you can run in to one of these apps that won't work correctly as your system isn't that stable. If you run some really CPU/RAM sensitive programs (ie CFD,etc) you'll notice this.
  3. If you feel that you do not need to stress test, don't.

    I, other the other hand, test both Prime95 small fft's and blend each for 24 hours. But then, I am a little fanatical about stability.
  4. Personally I dont bother with it, unless I'm building for someone else,
    then I feel its my job to make sure it will take a little stress alright,
    as far as my and my Gf's comps go though, if it will run antivirus, WoW and a couple of streaming movies whilst indexing files its good enough.
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