Best budget board AMD $100

Title says it all need the best ideas for a good board around $100.
I got a cheap phenom 840 yesterday and 8 gigs corsair xms3 for around $160 and need suggestions for a good motherboard.
Crossfire not important running a 8800 GTS right now plan on upgrading to a 5850 or maybe 5870 in a month or so. Appreciate your suggestions
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  1. The board looks good but i dont need the integrated graphics.
    can i get something better by getting a board without it?
  2. This is a bit more expensive (8 dollars, but doesn't have IGPU
  3. I just picked up a PC with this MB - GIGABYTE GA-870A-USB3

    Like it pretty well so far. Seems to meet your requirements.
  4. ^ I do like the Gigabyte brand as well, I just hate their color schemes >_<
  5. For around $100 this is the best.

    ASRock 970 EXTREME4 AM3+ $109.99

    It's an AM3+ board that supports crossfire and SLI along with USB 3.0 and sata 6.0GB/s. You'll be able to drop in an AM3+ CPU when they come out, which should be next month.......... maybe...........
  6. The ASUS is rock-solid I can attest to that, but the Asrock 970 is AM3+ if you want to upgrade in the future.
  7. itzdanielp said:
    ^ I do like the Gigabyte brand as well, I just hate their color schemes >_<

    If you mean the loud splash screen whne you power it up - you can actually chenage that.

    If you mean the color of the circuits and connectors - not much you can do about that,
    but I don;t spend much time looking at my MB. ;-)
  8. I was referring to the actual color of the board. I have a window over my MB, so unfortunately I do have to keep it at least somewhere in the back of my mind when looking at parts.
  9. I have received alot of good suggestions and really appreciate the advice.
    One more question if i was to spend maybe 30-40 dollars more would i be able to get a much better board?
  10. Something like this

    Will give you the ability to upgrade to a "Bulldozer" CPU in a few weeks (or anytime after) when it is released

    It also has a newer chipset, supports for faster memory, and a few other features. Definitely a better MB.
  11. Yes you could spend more on slightly more expensive ASUS or Gigabyte models for their extra features. You can also spend more on a 990X based board that will allow for 16x/16x SLI or Crossfire as well as 3-way SLI or CF. Just depends on what you want from your motherboard, just make sure it's an AM3+ board :D
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