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Sup. I been looking at HDD's best for the price. The 3 hard drives are WD Caviar Blue, Black and Seagate Barracuda 1TB. I've heard on here that blue and black are the same speed, but I have heard different else where. I understand black is the best, but it is also the most expensive. Saving $20 to get a WD Blue or a Seagate is the best option for me as i'm trying to drop the price of my build as much as possible. So is blue just as good as a black and what's the difference? Should I probably go for a seagate which is apparently faster than a blue and the same price? Only issue is Seagate drives have the worst reputation for reliability and a lot of people getting DOA drives. Thanks.

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EDIT: I'm only using the hard drives to store music, videos, and some games. Most of the games I play mainly will be on a Samsung 840 120GB SSD.
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  1. I'm not an expert on them, but I believe the black has a better controller and optimized firmware, etc, that gives it better performance even though the physical stats seem the same. It's obviously meant to be the top end drive where performance is the key factor. It is a bit louder and maybe uses more power, etc. The blue is the mainstream drive with decent performance, but a bit quieter and less power used. And the green is geared for quietest, lowest power consumption with performance as the least consideration. The green is specifically marketed as a media drive, so if you're going for storage for your music and videos, you might look at that as well.

    I hope that helps...
  2. black is basically the better for the two, its faster, better built... basically

    but supposedly in everyday use, you prolly wont notice the difference, just go with blue since it's your secondary drive. (the cheaper)

    and from personal experience I would NOT recommend Seagate. 3months, drive started failing, called em up for exchange, big complicated thing! with me having to buy a 20$ box to send it to them in and blah blah, they were telling me to expect it back in around 3 months.. wtf... (6years ago, never again)

    ~5WD drives later, 0 problems.
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